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Cocaine Trends

Information on cocaine trends from the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) shows there were over a million and a half people who currently use cocaine over the age of twelve, or just under one percent of the people in the U.S - numbers that were very close to those from 2008, but less than those from 2006. The number of first-time cocaine users ove3r the past 12 months decreased from about a million in 2002 to just over 600k in 2009. The number of first-time users of crack cocaine decreased during this period from mid 300k to just under 100k.

The same cocaine trends survey showed that just under fifty percent of teens between the ages of twelve and seventeen in 2009 said that it would be and simple task to get marijuana for their personal use. Approximately one in five said that getting cocaine for their own use would be easy (around twenty percent). Just over thirteen percent said that LSD is readily accessible to them, and just over twelve percent said that getting heroin is no problem.

The substances with the most abuse from 2009 estimates were marijuana (over four million), pain pills (almost two million), and cocaine (just over one million). The rate of people who abuse marijuana is the same as it was in 2002 with little variance, but the rate of pain pill abuse has gone up by about a half a million people.

The approximate rates of people over the ages of twelve who have tried cocaine in the past month in 2009 was just under one percent; these rates were very near those from 2008, but the rates are lower than those from 2006 which was around one percent. In 2009, just like years before, the rate of current drug abuse for persons over twelve years old was higher for males than for females. Females were less likely to be current users of different drugs like psychotherapeutics, cocaine, and marijuana. However, the genders had almost the same rate for non-medical use of downers and methamphetamines over the past thirty days.

2009 cocaine trends reveal that there were over 600k over the age of twelve that first used cocaine in the past year; this is approximately under 2k first-time users daily. This number is the same as the number from 2008 of just over 720k, but lower than in 2007. The yearly rate of first-time cocaine users decreased from about a million users in 2002 to over 600k in 2009. The number of first-time crack cocaine user fell for this period to 94k.

Most - over seventy percent - first-time cocaine users were over eighteen years old. Twenty years old is the median age of first-time users which is nearly the same as it was in 2008. For people twelve years and older there was approximately 175k users who first used before the age of eighteen. This number was quite a bit lower than the number from 2008!