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California Drug Statistics and Facts

  • In 2010, 1,768 people died in traffic crashes as a result of alcohol and other drugs in California.
  • There were 24,343 traffic-related injuries involving alcohol in the state of California in 2010.
  • There were 195,879 DUI arrests, in California and males comprised 77.6 percent of all DUI arrests, in California.
  • The average age of a convicted DUI offender in 2010 was 30 years old, in California. Less than 1 percent of arrested DUI offenders were juveniles (under 18).
  • The California 2010 statistics show fatal/injury crashes where drivers that had been drinking, 34.7 percent involved fixed objects; 52.7 percent involved multiple vehicles.
  • In 2010, Hispanics represented the largest (43.7 percent) ethnic group among DUI arrests, in California as they have each year since 1992 (with the exception of 1999, when whites were the largest group at 42.8 percent).
  • About 2,600 cases of hand sanitizer overdose have been reported in California since 2010, but it has become a national problem, experts report.
  • The number of persons injured in crashes involving alcohol, in California, decreased 6.6 percent, following a decline of 8.4 percent in 2009.
  • Drug-involved fatalities, in California, decreased slightly (2.4 percent) but still reflected 63 percent increase in the past ten years from 428 in 2000 to 696 in 2010.
  • The 1 year recidivism rates for all 1st time DUI offenders declined to the lowest level in 20 years, in California. The DUI re-offense rate for 1st offenders arrested in 2009 was 44.7 percent lower than the re-offense rate for 1st offenders arrested in 1990.
  • Almost 36 percent of all Meth users are between the ages of 26 and 35, in California.
  • In 2010, around 10,000 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes one every 51 minutes, in California.
  • In 2010, around 10,000 people died, in California, in alcohol-impaired driving crashes one every 51 minutes.
  • In the state of California, 56 percent of all Marijuana users are between the ages of 12 and 20.
  • Nearly 37 percent of all Heroin users, in California, are between the ages of 36 and 45.
  • 70 percent of all persons in California who abuse alcohol are male while 69 percent of all the ones who abuse alcohol and a secondary illicit drug with it (Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, etc.) are male.
  • As recently as 2005, there were 880,000 individuals in the state with significant drug abuse, and addiction problems and needed the professional help of a California drug rehabilitation center. Unfortunately, only 31,000 or 3.5 percent of them entered an addiction treatment and recovery program to get the help they needed.
  • Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, and Marijuana are routinely smuggled into California across the Mexican border while Marijuana is cultivated, and Meth is produced within California in significant numbers, as well.
  • There is a growing concern among the Drug Enforcement Administration, in California and local law enforcement agencies with the club or date rape drugs and pharmaceuticals.
  • Every day California will lose about thirty residents to alcohol related death and five to illegal drug overdose.