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  • Drug and Alcohol Statistics in Jber, Alaska
  • As of 2009, an estimated 11,943 people live in Jber, Alaska. Alcohol and Drug addiction in Jber, Alaska is an increasing problem.

    Alcohol Addiction in Jber, Alaska

    Of the 11,943 individuals currently living in Jber, Alaska, 5,374 don't drink alcohol and 3,105 say that they consume alcohol less than once a week. In Jber, Alaska 8,480 individuals don't drink an unhealthy amount of alcohol. There are, however, 2,866 people in Jber, Alaska that consume an amount of alcohol that would classify them as heavy drinkers.

    In order to recover from alcohol addiction it is essential that you get yourself or loved one into an alcohol recovery program. Every year, there are over 74K alcohol-related deaths that costs over $183 Billion annually.

    According to research on alcohol advertising, there is not a strong connection between ads for alcohol and alcohol consumption and abuse in Jber, Alaska. That does not hold true for their effects on children. Research indicates that children that are exposed to alcohol-related advertisements in Jber, Alaska are more prone to start drinking at a younger age and to look upon drinking alcohol as a positive thing. This also translates to a higher number of children in Jber, Alaska who grow up to be alcohol drinkers.

    Drug Dependence Stats in Jber, Alaska

    There are about 1,111 individuals in Jber, Alaska that use illicit drugs of some type.

    A detailed accounting of this percentage is as follows:

    1. 175 individuals drink alcohol and abuse some other drug in Jber, Alaska
    2. 168 individuals use marijuana in Jber, Alaska
    3. 141 individuals abuse or are dependent upon Heroin in Jber, Alaska
    4. 99 individuals snort or smoke cocaine (crack) in Jber, Alaska
    5. 86 individuals abuse stimulants in Jber, Alaska
    6. 36 individuals abuse or use Opiates (except heroin), in Jber, Alaska
    7. 33 individuals abuse cocaine (specifically powder, not crack) in Jber, Alaska
    8. 2 individuals abuse or use tranquilizers in Jber, Alaska
    9. 1 individuals in Jber, Alaska abuse or use PCP
    10. 1 individuals are addicted to sedatives in Jber, Alaska
    11. 1 individuals in Jber, Alaska abuse hallucinogens (e.g. ecstasy or LSD)
    12. 1 individuals abuse Inhalants in Jber, Alaska
    13. 4 individuals in Jber, Alaska use other kinds of illicit drugs

    It is essential to find alcohol or drug recovery programs for the high volume of individuals in Jber, Alaska abusing or addicted to alcohol and drugs, as this number is growing each year. We at UsDrugTrends.com offer information on the various kinds of alcohol and drug programs in Jber, Alaska. If more information is needed, please take a moment and call to talk to a certified drug counselor for help finding a drug or alcohol recovery center. The call for help is toll-free and the service is free of charge.