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Alabama Drug Statistics and Facts

  • The drug menace in Alabama is the widespread availability and abuse of illicit drugs arriving from outside the state, along with synthetic Marijuana and the increasing danger of local production of methamphetamine and synthetic drugs.
  • Even though, most drug seizures and arrests are associated to Marijuana, Crack Cocaine and Cocaine hydrochloride continue to be a huge drug threat in Alabama.
  • Illegal drugs such as Cocaine, Marijuana and methamphetamine still account for the majority of drugs flowing into Alabama.
  • A large percentage of Alabama's Cocaine is provided by Mexican sources in California, Arizona, and Texas; but Alabama's proximity to Atlanta and Miami also poses a serious threat.
  • In the state of Alabama, it is expected that there will be around 21,242 DUI's, and 252 deaths due to drunken driving this year. The statistics show that there will be 1,287 deaths linked to alcohol abuse, 6,599 tobacco related deaths, and 257 deaths due to illicit drug abuse.
  • It is considered that there are around 36,369 Cocaine addicts, 221,939 Marijuana users, and 2,060 Heroin addicts living in Alabama.
  • Studies estimates show that there are 97,191 people abusing prescription drugs, 9,271 people that use inhalants, and 16,505 people who use hallucinogens, in Alabama.
  • In Atmore, Alabama, statistics have shown that there are about 370 Marijuana users, 162 people abusing prescription drugs, 60 Cocaine addicts, 27 people using hallucinogens, and 15 people that use inhalants.
  • Within Gordon, Alabama, statistics have shown that there are about 19 Marijuana users, and 8 people abusing prescription drugs.
  • Alabama Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Facilities have a serious task in helping those suffering from addiction. This is extremely important considering that there are about 300,000 people in Alabama alone that use alcohol and drugs.
  • Drug addiction and alcohol addiction in Alabama is a serious problem. Every year, more than 1,000 people die from alcohol related conditions, and hundreds die from illegal drugs in this state alone.
  • Every year there are over 28,000 arrests made in the state of Alabama for drug possession and drug trafficking, and these represent a small portion of the drug use and transfers that happen.
  • In Phenix City, Alabama, statistics show that there are about 1,364 Marijuana users, 597 people abusing prescription drugs, 223 Cocaine addicts, 101 people abusing hallucinogens, 56 people that use inhalants, and 12 Heroin addicts.
  • El Paso Intelligence Center stats reported that 297 Meth labs were confiscated in 2004, compared to 280 in 2003, and 207 in 2002, indicating that illegal production is on the rise.
  • Marijuana is normally transported into the state of Alabama, via private and commercial vehicles, and via package delivery and express mail services.
  • It is considered that 40 people will be killed by tobacco, 7 people will die from alcohol, and 1 lives will be lost to illegal drug use this year in Phenix City, Alabama.
  • Alabama keeps on struggling with the growing problem of Meth use and the production of Meth labs within the state.
  • In Alabama, police found 665 locations where Meth was being manufactured, in 2010.
  • In Alabama, Meth is becoming the biggest drug threat, exceeding the Cocaine epidemic statewide. Meth labs usually are located in isolated rural communities, in the state.
  • In Alabama, short term and outpatient drug rehab programs focus and normally succeed at getting the person off of drugs, but does not necessarily provide enough treatment for long enough to keep the person off of drugs once rehab is complete.